Strange uneasy sleep. Woke early with sick sinking feeling. Wrote a letter to Dick. Called the Retreat at 8 to see what kind of a night Dick had had and he was still asleep + I called Leon to say I couldn’t work (not that anyone’s been clamoring for me) and I did tell him the situation (Dick had said I could.) Called The Dana McKay business school and they said I could start Monday. Went to the office and got some things Dick had wanted – drawing board etc. Went to Grayhound bus terminal and discovered I was in the wrong one They had the pkge sent up though + I’ll get it tomorrow Went out to see Dick – he was feeling pretty rotten and was very groggy. Had a temperature. I saw Dr. Hartley and spoke with him at length I liked him very much and he said at one point “There’s no problem in liking your husband” which made me feel very good about him. He’s got a nice sense of humor too which is a help. He told Dick that with Dick’s help he can do almost anything First Dick said “Then I’ve got to do it by myself” and turned away + Dr. Hartley said “I’ll be with you all the way” and Dick said he’d give him all the help he could. (that was last night) I asked Dick if he wanted or needed anything and he said they give him everything he wants. I liked the people there + I liked the orderly Mike very much. It’s so early to have any idea of what’s going to happen but I think it was the only thing to do and Dick did it himself which is the most important thing. Went by the office + there was a big deal about Art Bennick’s pool. Shirley had costed it out + we can’t do it for the price Dick quoted without Dick. I called him + I think the guy’s a prick. I went over to J + J’s briefly and then came home + fixed dinner. I vaccuumed + dusted after – the wind’s been terrible and then went to bed + read. At 10 o’clock the phone rang and it was George Spicer. He + Judy are coming to town + want to stay here Sat. night – he’ll give me a hair cut on Sunday. (The mountain comes to Mohammad