Up at 5:30. Called Jack. Jack came over at 6:30 + said Dick was still in the office but wouldn’t come home. We agreed to meet at 8 o’clock. Went down + in to see Dick who was lying on the floor – the only thing he could say was “Are you angry with me Pumpkin?” and my heart turned over. I told him of course not + gave him the milk + vitamins. He’d been to the El Cortez + cashed $500 worth of checks. We went through his pockets and he had $167 on him (including 4 $25 chips.) On the way home I told him that Bentley had called yesterday to find out [crossed out letter] how he was doing. (not true but Dick had told Bentley that he was drinking again which was a plea for help) I said Bentley suggested the hospital + mentioned the Desert Retreat. Dick didn’t say no – he just said he thought Bentley was against a hospital and I said no – he might have changed his mind but he was definitely for it. Dick said he’d like a beer + I told him I’d drunk them last night + he said let’s go to the 7-11 we were still in the car coming down Pecos – I said let’s go over to Joyce + get some We got a 6 pack + I started talking again about the retreat + Dick said “Don’t sell me” – but when we got home he asked if we should go direct or through Bentley + I suggested Bentley – Jim Daniels came over + he’s going to try to sell pools for us He went out + got some more beer + then stayed with Dick. While I went over to [crossed out word] give some tickets to Sally Jamieson who didn’t show up. Thank God Annabel did + I left after an hour. Bentley had called while I was out + I got back to him and it was all set up to take Dick out tonight at 6:30. A Dr. Hartley would see him. We rested a little + talked alot + then Jack came over + we drove out stopping for a beer en route. Went into the convalescent place first – then to the psychiatric side We stayed almost an hour but the Dr. didn’t come so Jack + I left. Dick almost glad to see us go. I felt very shaky. Had late supper with J + J – Called the hospital, spoke with Dr. Hartley + went to bed.