Spoke with Bentley today and he said that Dick had told him he’d had a few drinks (on Friday he told him) + Bentley said a hospital was the only thing to do now. He suggested the Desert Retreat run by a Dr. Lowry and said Dick would have to be willing. I called the Desert Retreat + Dr. Lowry is no longer there. Tried to get Bentley back + couldn’t. Went to Kay Mart to sell tickets with Versie Ramirez – we only sold 29. I bought a couple pair of shoes, The Hildegard Knef book and some bras. Also some clippers. I called the office + Shirley told me Dick was passed out + she couldn’t get him up. I went to the store + then to the office. Dick had left when I got there Truck still there. I went all over looking for him. Finally decided the best thing to do was go home + fix dinner. Did + Dick called. Said he’d been at the Macayo Vegas for something to eat. I said eat? in a querulous tone that I hated. He said he’d be home in an hour and a half and then asked me to get Bob Adams on the phone. I said I didn’t want to + burst into tears saying that ever since that man had been in the house things had been rotten. Childish + stupid but my nerves were on edge + out it came Dick didn’t come home. Shirley went in to do some tax returns + told me when she left that he was planning to spend the night at the office. I called + called + waited + waited Finally I went down with some vitamins and a thermos of milk at 12:45. Truck there but no Dick. They said at the bar they hadn’t seen him since late afternoon. Of course they lied I found out later – I left the stuff + went home. Drank the two beers I’d hid + talked for a while with Bob. Went to bed at 1:45. Set the alarm for 5:30 – Ghastly day + night.