Dick slept late. After I found the beers gone I was in a tizzy. Hid the two remaining beers. Cleaned, cried, made a butterscotch pie + cried. Called Shirley about the tax stuff and she knew he’d been drinking since Thursday. Told me I ought to see about getting him into a hospital – that she’s worried about his health When I said that I was too – she said she meant imminently and of course after hanging up I was off again. I’m worried sick and I don’t know what to do I called Bentley at home and at the office + missed him both places. Dick left about 9:30 – said he’d be all right today. I took Joyce some miltowns + had a cup of coffee and she said she was worried about Dick + then I went down to the office and left some tax stuff with Shirley. Dick had had a drink – the binacca drops gave it away + then Shirley told me there had been a bottle of brandy by his desk If she’s so goddamned worried she could have tossed it. I went to the Blvd to sell tickets – got out the table + chairs + posters + was off to a flying start by the time Sally Larson joined me. One nice lady bought 25 tickets all made out to Child Haven. We made a new-record today Sold 115! In fact we’d almost run out when Annabel appeared with 250 more. We closed up at 4:30 + went to the store – I was home by a little after 5. Dick asleep in his chair I had a note from Felix Munro with a check for $150.00 because the $110 back then was worth alot more! Also a nice note from Daddy saying he hadn’t heard from Bentley. I fixed pork chops for dinner – Dick ate almost nothing but he didn’t drink anything either – nothing since 3:30 or 4 in the afternoon. I suggested a hospital to him + he said he didn’t want to go “Let’s give it another day” Please God help us