More of the same – Dick off about nine o’clock. I called Jack + asked him not to give him a drink He said he wouldn’t. I puttered around. Cleaned the burners on the oven top. Spoke with Annabel. Read. Izzy called. They couldn’t make it. We chatted a little + I told her the situation + she said there would always be friends who’d drink with Dick un [crossed out letters] til “they’re laughing down at him in his coffin” I told Bob I was very displeased about last night + that I didn’t care about his habits but I did about Dick’s. I washed the kitchen floor as some sort of therapy. Spoke with Dick at the office and he was crocked. Said he’d be home but didn’t come. When I spoke to him next he’d been calling Wimpy in Philadelphia. I spent a large part of the day in tears which wasn’t constructive except that I was crying over the scrub bucket so it didn’t hurt either We have so much but what the hell good is it if we don’t have each other. Dick home about four o’clock I’d had two miltowns but was snappish with him. I need someone to talk to desperately. Fixed dinner Dick’s ankles all swollen up again. He told me he’d made up his mind in the office it was all over + he was stopping again. I believed him + felt better. Gave him a shave + then he turned on the TV in the livingroom. I like a fool went to sleep. He had about four beers I discovered in the morning but at least I went to sleep momentarily reassured.