Well today was the worst in a longtime – Actually part of it okay – spent with Izzy gambling at the Sands + having a good time I called Dick several times. He knew where I was + said to stay out + have a good time. Izzy went to the show about 7:30 or so and I went over to the Castaways + called again. Dick said Bob had cooked dinner + for me to go on gambling + win some money (I was up $100) + he was going to bed. His voice sounded funny as though he’d been drinking + I went into a funny kind of thing. I didn’t want to come home + find out + I didn’t want to stay there either. I played like some kind of zombie for another hour and a half + then went home via the safeway. Drove in about 10 o’clock. Lights all on. Garage doors opened, record player playing, library door wide open, wine bottle empty, gin bottle out + cigarettes + tobacco all over the place. The kitchen a mess and the peppers I’d fixed for dinner untouched Bob not there nor Petie. No note. Nothing the truck not there. Izzy called + I told [crossed out word] her the situation + she had Dick paged Then the phone rang again + it was Dick at Frank’s bar. I went to pick him up he was stumbling drunk smoking again I said I’d try to stop if he’d stop again He wanted to go to the Tropicana so we did + blew all the winnings plus $300. Took him home after talking him out of the Fremont. He was largely incoherent but said at one pint “I’m a drunken slob and I’m trying to kill myself but I don’t know why.”