Letter from Jimmy saying he’d do what he can for Harriet’s brother.

Letter from Dr. Sternlieb.

[crossed out letter] Another dreary day really. Called Izzy + asked her to bring a picture with her. Called Alice, Annabel, Angie – (Triple A). Worked on income tax – slogging along. Figured out I lost $742.25 on the Lookout Mt. sale Papers missing on various matters but by the end of the day I had totted up $6,732.97 of deductions without counting Dr. Richman, Shirley’s bonus, the remaining tax on Bonita + any of the Bonita expenses or the interest on Bill Rehn’s loan all of which must add up to another 2 or 3 thousand. In between stints at the desk, I changed the sheets, vaccuumed + dusted the bedroom. There was one completely unexpected bright spot to the day. The phone rang and it was Felix Munro checking on my [crossed out letters] address to repay me the $110 I’d lent him 14 years ago Talk about surprises! And I’d been nasty enough in a fit of pique to put him down as a bad debt on an IRS form (+told him at the time!!) Dick home about 5:30 lit up a joint First talked to Bob + told him he could stay one more week at the house. Bob went out + we ate a left over dinner + then went to Ed + Casey’s to play pool. Dick wanted to have a beer + I was dying for one but really put my foot down + we weathered the bump (or something) Bentley told Dick that he is mildly diabetic + he now has another pill to take with his Vitamins – no more candy. My heart bleeds for him + yet I find myself getting very up tight too. I must help him + I think if I can start writing something (anything I’ll be in alot better shape)