Bad day. Called Drue which was nice + we made love which was even nicer and from there on it was all downhill. Took Hildegard Knef’s book back to Alice + lent her “The Moon’s a ballon” – Got my receipt for $110. Went down to Placement + typed files + card for the new members Turned in another $10. Went to the Showboat + lost some money + the car wouldn’t start After just getting it back + paying $194 (2 tires at $54 ea) for a tuneup + alignment. The guy there helped me get it going + suggested I get the terminals cleaned. As that was the prime reason we’d had the car done I blew my top. Went to Dick’s office + then to the 5th Street [crossed out words] Auto Service. Safeway next lost $20 in the slot machine + came home. Depressed, disgusted with myself + the world etc. Dick smoking a joint + the place smelled pretty raunchy – Phone rang + it was Isabel saying she + 3 friends are arriving tomorrow at the Sands – I was in a tizzy – Still had the damn answer phone on + couldn’t get thru to Iz until I turned it off. Fixed a meat loaf, a peculiar chocolate pie, baked potatos, biscuits + peas for dinner. Dick called a cab to go out + I said I’d like to go out but didn’t want a cab as it sounded like drinking + he said to cancel the cab so I did, he was then getting undressed + going to bed [crossed out letters] ! Probably just as well but I was in a bit of a funk The pot had hit him just like drinking. Blah Blah Blah – Stupid day.