Finally got started working on tax stuff – the desk + whole library such a mess I can hardly bear it. Emptied + sorted all the bank files + went through for tax deductible checks. We’ve spent so much money and I’ve spent a hell of alot gambling too (both of us but me much more) We gave Leon $10,000 last year and it doesn’t seem to have helped. I wrote Scotty + sent him 10 tickets, Wrote Leon with $300 + Timmy with $200. I sent 3 books of blue chip stamps to the Personal Crisis hotline. Read a detective story in between + watered the lawn + cleaned a little. Bob home around 4 + I suggested he go down to the office about wire + money for gas. Then called the office after he’d left + Dick blew up I fixed pork, zucchini casserole, garlic bread + [crossed out words] corn on the cob for dinner. Was in a pretty foul mood. So was Dick. Had lost a pool to someone else and the loan didn’t go through on one he’s dug + steeled. Eddie Kulick over + cheered us up a little. I have so much left to do on the taxes. Harold Stern called + he’s sent out a great big package – He called from the office so there’s still a fighting chance – maybe. He said if we could find anyone here who was interested in hiring him, he was interested. We went to bed early