Wallace swept the Florida primaries

Up early.  Why do I write that – we’re always up early. I stopped by Alice’s + gave her $110 + some stubs to take to Bill Fain. Went over to see Dave and asked him please to see what can be done to get a decision from O’Donnell. Also what about the Montgomery case? Talked for a while after he left with Mary. (Dave + Bill Farkas each bought another five tickets for Child Haven) Stopped at the Landmark + put another $10 in the dime machine which is now up to 7,980 [crossed out letters] Good God! Went to the Blvd + was on Muriel Stevens Show although Nancy Houssels was on before me. Went + helped Versie + Mary Perkowski set up shop. Then had breakfast at Woolworth’s with a new Georgette Heyer detective story. Went to the market + got groceries for two days + then went over to see Daisy She gave me the loveliest blue cape + cap that she’d crocheted! It’s beautiful!! I was so happy with it. Came home + had no sooner gotten the groceries unloaded than Dick came home. He’s not feeling well + I wish to hell I knew what to do. He ate + then Jerry Hickman stopped by (2:30) + then he went to bed. I lay down briefly. Had been going to get started on the tax work today but Dick’s coming home so early made it impossible. I made a good dinner + I told Bob that Dick + I like to spend our evenings together alone. He took it very well. Then Dick didn’t even get up for dinner so I took it into him after I ate with Bob who left the second the meal was over! Cleaned up + watched results of the Florida primaries – discouraging.