twin’s birthday

Up early – Dick unhappy with the brick work which is high and not level in all places. Started to take some out. Bob up + fixed himself breakfast – then after a shave Dick, Jack + Bob set out about 7. I cleaned up, washed hair, did laundry and some ironing. Called Bank of Nevada about the payment book + they were very pleasant. Sent in payment with covering letter. Tried Bentley’s office for one solid hour before calling the operator + finding the number was out of commission. Called Shirley + asked her to make an appt for Dick and to get on their back about sending the test results to Dr. Sternlieb. I set up our dinner and left the house about 11:15. Went to Bank of Nevada + deposited $100 in the Ana savings acct and got $20 worth of ones for change. Was all set up by noon + got off to a fairly slow start. One nice lady, Abbie Hall of Haddock St, stopped + bought 15 tickets however + made my day. I’d sold about 38 by the time Annabel came around 2 o’clock. I was on Eddie’s show again briefly. We had a banner day + sold 82 tickets breaking our own record. A couple of kids came up + donated 16¢, 50¢, a quarter, etc. We put all loose change together + rounding it out with some of our own, made out a few tickets to Child Haven (3, I think.) 4 separate ladies from the Bronx stopped (3 from Riverdale!) several from Mexico City, 2 from Phoenix (men)+ 1 from Tucson + 3 from Cleveland + 2 from Westbrook, Conn. Quite a few interested in volunteering. Came home to find a letter from Jill Murphy!! So happy to hear from her. Fixed Roastbeef, potatos, peas etc. Bob did his first day’s work steeling. Came home tired. Dick tired too + Bob talks too much. Oh Lord. We went to bed early. Dick told me to hurry up + get to work on our income tax. He’s planning to let Shirley go. Also told me to go see Dave in the am