Up early for a Sunday. Clyde over around nine Dick got Jack and the two of them started working on the bricks – While Dick went on a ten o’clock appt. I kept thinking Tony Flores would call but he never did. (Called at 11 o’clock last night drunk + Dick told him to call in the morning.) I worked at my desk. Paid Am Express sent in a cashword solution + wrote Harold with $200, The Pigotts, Rae + Daddy with pictures of his trip. Told him how worried I was about Dick + my feeling that Bill Bentley was being a little casual about the whole thing. Dick was back around 11 with someone named Bob Adams that he picked up at the unemployment office. (along with his dog Petie) I made sandwiches for everyone and then an apple pie. When that was finished I went to the Blvd. got some tile grout at Sears and went to see Angie + Inman who were selling today Picked up my tickets which Raeilita had left + got them some fresca at orange Julius. Then went to the Blvd market + shopped for today + tomorrow. Home in a little over an hour. Clyde’s wife Betty Lou + their son Pat had come over on bicycles + she came in + had coffee. Liked her a whole lot. Interesting story of a Mr. Casel + his grandaughter Judy Carlos! Dick found out Bob Adams can tie steel (he was a general contractor) + asked him to come to work tomorrow. He said he’d sleep out in the desert behind the house. Dick told him he could sleep in the garage + from there it was a short hop to the addition. He had dinner with us – interesting guy + he may just be a gift from heaven. If so, Dick will have been the answer to his prayers, too! – Bed early.