Strange day. Clyde Schreiber over to help Dick with the brick work Jack over briefly. I did some house work. Spoke with Anabel + Alice. Then went to Child Haven + packed up more of the pamphlets Took them to the Blvd. Raelita + Barbara Gregory there around noon + I helped get them set up. I ate a large [crossed out letters] lunch at Woolworth’s – started an infuriating book in which a 46 yr old mother-in-law is obviously on the brink of senility. Then went to see Alice briefly – one game of Spite + malice. Francis Butterfield came before I left with some “hydrophonically” grown tomatos.

Called home + Dick told me Mary had called + Margaret’s gotten married. Came home + talked with her. She’d had a letter from Margie – she’s married an Ed Kerans (19 – M’s 17) Mary had called the boys + only got James – He knew there’d been a big dust up and Margie had run away from home. Later Mary called me to say James had called her + said Allen had said Margie was “not legally married”??? Because of her age? Does he plan to step in + annul it? I think poor Margie is in for stormy days Dick was exhausted + after a hot bath went to bed about 4:30 or 5. He’s not well. He told me that Bentley had told him his glucose tests were abnormal and that it was “not good” – Leon called and Dr. Sternlieb has still not received the result’s of Dick’s tests. I like Bill Bentley but I’m beginning to get very nervous. about the whole thing.