Busy morning. Made pie crusts and an apple pie. Did four loads of laundry, changed sheets + cleaned bedroom. Called 5th St Auto service to come get the oldsmobile. Called Colby + told her I seemed to have goofed in telling Mary about Jessie (Mary very tearful last night) Had nice chat. Newcomb not yet informed either. Had hoped to [crossed out letters] get to the store for poster board to make a sign but 5th St Auto didn’t come til after 11 o’clock. so I made a ticky tacky type thing on cardboard. Went to laundry Sprouse Reitz for poster + markers + Savon where I bought a ticket from Annie White and picked up my pictures. Bank where I deposited the immigration check. Got to the Blvd at 5 of 12 – Anabel about half an hour late but with some reason. We set up one table + were in business by 12:45. Interesting day really. We sold 77 tickets – mostly one at a time [crossed out letters] which is not bad. Nice man bought 5 + made them out to Child Haven. Old black man bought a ticket + gave us an extra 50¢ to “put in the kitty” – a policeman Bought 5 – a man stopped + said your name is Patience – I heard you on Eddie’s show + he bought 2. Kids – barefoot + long haired bought a ticket. It was interesting and fun. We left at 5:20. I went to the Blvd Market for groceries + was home by 6:30 – Dick not home til almost 8 – We had a good dinner steak in wine sauce. Letters from Cassie + Scotty Yahtzee + bed about 10. The people at Ronzones were just great. They made us a gorgeous sign + kept giving us encouragement – A Mr. Mason + Mr. Plotken.