Up early. Dick had to leave at 7 – The tile guys came at 7:30 – gave them coffee + put out fresh water. Left for the Flamingo in plenty of time + got there early. Played a couple of hands of 21 + won $40. I called Marty Allen’s room + spoke with his wife Frenchy who said he’d be in the coffee shop. Met him there + had a cup of coffee with him + took him over to the Park Lane. Disaster. No TV Thanks to the unions (and so three union members deprived of their pay because they were insisting on 11 being hired) Ridiculous + petty as hell. The place crowded The show something of a shambles technically. Musak couldn’t be turned off. The lights went on + off but Eddie + Ann were magnificent. Bea Everidge (?) + the “swinging stoppers” were on but had changed their group to “the slanders,” did several hawaiian numbers which were pretty disappointing I sat with Elaine. Marty Allen was very good. I went to the International + lost my $265 plus $300. Went over to the Blvd + was on Eddie’s show he gave me 20 minutes which was pretty great of him. I went to the bank + cabled $300 to N.Y. to cover my checks + went to the tropicana where I lost another hundred. Thats the most I’ve ever lost (obviously) + I’ve got to be careful Just because I can afford it there’s no point in throwing it away. Came home + the damn car wouldn’t start again. The battery cable connections – pounded it + finally someone helped me + off I went. Home at 6 – the tile job beautiful. We had TV dinners (Dick not home til 7:30) Finally got our money back from the immigration dept. Plus letters from Annie + Russell. Talked with Harold – things very black there – Mary called – Late + high.