Uneventful day – watered lawn, watered down pool Pottered around the house, spoke with Alice. Went to safeway + sold a ticket and one at the drugstore. Like pulling teeth. Got the gambling urge and went to the tropicana where I stayed for hours. Went way down + then slowly came back up. Was leaving and on my way to the cage I put down $25.00 and won + in 2 or 3 minutes ran it way up + left $265.00 ahead Wow Came home via Safeway. Breaded pork chops for dinner. Ate early as Dick had a 7:30 appt. Leroy + Earnest – Danny’s men came by the house around nine Dick not home yet – Showed them the pool + then they went over to Bill McKelvey’s – Dick home minutes later + Leroy back shortly after. They got everything [crossed out words] squared away. We played a little yahtzee I’d called Ann Hall to see if we could have a mention of Operation Child Haven + she asked me if I’d pick up Marty Allen for them tomorrow at the Flamingo. I’d forgotten that it was their big deal at the Parkway Theatre – televised breakfast except there seems to be trouble with the union.