Desk work – paid bills + made contributions – Smith, Watts Towers – sent for Time Research patterns – returned papers to Chem Bank + Bank of N.Y. [crossed out letters] My portfolio has gone up again to over $[crossed out numbers] $700,000. The gunite crew showed up and went to work. Jerry Hookman came by. I called Scotty + we had a long chat. He’d called last night + there wasn’t much time to talk Mrs. Davis had been out there + isn’t happy with what Leon’s done for him. She doesn’t realize that it was a miracle to get Scotty anything with the situation the way it is and his lack of TV credits. Blah Blah Blah. Talked with Bill Fain + Annabel called + asked me to sell tickets with her at Ronsones on Friday afternoon. Evidently they’ve only sold about 2,000 tickets – barely enough to cover the prize money. Oh Lord. I vaccuumed the living room + some of the library and made some “surprise” meat loafs Left the house around noon. Went to the showboat and lost money. Went to Juvenile + turned in my money + ticket stubs and [crossed out letters] took 250 more tickets. Norma Laub there + she’s only sold 10. We’ve got to start trying. Saw Angie + Bill – Went to P.O. + got some stamps for Shirley and then went to the office. Left a few tickets there for Jerry Hickman. Came home via the Safeway. Had a blowout an eighth of a mile from home so walked. Ran into Mary Ashby on horseback Asked her over + then Jerry to look at our pool. It’s really gorgeous. Dick working hard on it. He came + changed the tire + I made dinner. Dick not hungry + when he was the surprises were all dried up! Ed over for a bit. I knitted + we went to bed. Dick exhausted