Tonys boy showed up at 6:30. But I gather promptness was his only virtue as a helper. I spent the morning in the library after getting the dishes, bed etc out of the way. Started clearing up the mess on my desk. Ordered checks from N.Y. Did the new cashword, wrote a long letter to Dr. Sternlieb and wrote Jimmy about Harriet’s brother. Jerry Hickman inspected + passed the pool. Dick home about 11:30 – waited for the gunite crew who never showed. Dick really upset + I must say I don’t blame him. It’s a slap in the face of a kind. Blah Blah Blah. Dick went back to the office at 1:30 and I went out soon after. Took a huge stack of mail to the Flamingo Post office + then had to go over to the Main P.O. to mail Ana + Armandos pkge + register the letter. Stopped at the Landmark and put $15 in the dime slot machine. It’s up to $7,647 now. Then I played 21 and lost consistently about $100 playing $2 a hand! Wow. Went to the Safeway and got groceries + came home. We played yahtzee, had dinner watched TV and went to bed early, early, early. Got alot accomplished however in the library today + the pool will be gunited tomorrow.