Steel guys came about 7:30 – finished up at 9 – Dick in the john so I paid Jack Wolf – $125 – Dick not too happy with the price or the work in the therapy pool Back to bed + made love. Left the house around 11 – I went to the Showboat all day and played 21 – couldn’t do anything although at one point I was ahead $100 – then got down to around even – Sat next to nice girl who works at the Sands Dick came to pick me up around 5 o’clock + we played our keno ticket a couple of times – Won $50.00 + left maybe $10 ahead. Came home and I fixed scrambled eggs + bacon + toast for supper. Dick has someone coming in from San Diego tomorrow. We played yahtzee + I beat his record – 514!! He’s also got a guy coming that tony reccommended so maybe for once he’ll be able to choose a little We went to bed really early and I read “Gift Horse” Hildegarde Knef’s book until almost 10 o’clock. It’s extremely interesting + well written.