The steel men here about 7:20 – Gave them coffee + later ice water. Dick left around 8:30 – Had 4 appts today. I paid bills – Heron books, service, Hayes, Nevada Floor craftsmen, Bentley + sent $150 to M.P.S. Made bed, cleaned kitchen and started cleaning out bathroom. Threw away alot of things + cleaned thoroughly. Took some perfume + cream + after shave lotion over to Casey. Two of her sisters there. Ann Hastings + Florence Pelletier (whom I’d met before) they were drinking and I joined them briefly. Sold 5 tickets + came home about one. Had a lot of coffee + finished up the bathroom – washed the rug + mat etc. Dick home around 4. [crossed out word] Casey + sisters + Ed + ? Hastings all came over carrying their drinks. Sister Ann alot the worse for wear + she + Casey only stayed a few minutes After they all left Dick + I played yahtzee The steel men there til 6 + have another couple of hours in the morning. We had roast beef for dinner + then a couple of joints did nothing for me except felt mildly ill. Watched All in the family + worked on bag – fringe + button loop. Bed about 10.