Up early. Timmy ready to leave for an hour and a half. Worried that someone had broken into his place. Mike Oldfield didn’t show. Called the office at 9:30 to say he had another job. I changed the sheets + cleaned up a little and then took Timmy to the airport. I think he had a good time but I can’t tell. Timmy is so negative + defeatist it’s horrible. We talked about his will on the way to the airport. Got him all checked in + saw him aboard then took the sheets to the laundry, got some gas, deposited the small check ($1593) in our househld acct (kept out the $293) and went to the Landmark to meet Daisy. She’d been there for a couple of hours already. We played + played on the dime machine and in 3 hrs never got a jackpot. So off we went to play 21. At one point we could have left even but I felt reckless (a reaction possibly to 5 days of Timmy) and we blew the whole thing. Went down to the office and had lunch at the newstand. Then went over to FNB and deposited the large check for $7,000 put in claim too for missing pass book. Our balance now $11,150 + we have the $2,000 coming back from the Immigration department. Went to the Safeway + got a few groceries played a slot machine + was home about 5. Pile of bills in the mail. Nice to have the house to ourselves again. (Sold 5 tickets to Shirley today) We had TV dinners + played yahtzee and watched the virginian and went to bed pretty early Dick has someone to steel the pool tomorrow. Jack Wolfe (?) and he came over to look at it about 6 o’clock.