Up early. Bed, dishes. washed hair, watered lawn, called Daddy + thanked him for check – nice chat. The new guy, Michael Oldfield about 20 minutes late but seemed pleasant. Timmy + I off to the Boulevard a little before 9. Introduced him to Johnnie Swift who bought a ticket + Ann + Eddie Alice sat with us and we all had a nice time. The celebrity guests were the personal crisis Hot Line people and some 4H’ers. After I sold the 3 models each a ticket and then 10 to Marilyn Goble. [crossed out word] Elaine wasn’t in. We went to the vitamin store + then over to Garrett’s Sold Pat 5 tickets + went to the Sahara to pick up Timmy’s plane ticket for L.A. It was “too early to eat (yesterday too late) so we went to the Hacienda to see Joyce. Was not there but we had a pleasant buffet lunch and played a little keno. (about 9 tickets between us) I won $2.00 and said let’s do one more but Timmy wouldn’t “I haven’t got the hang of it I’m afraid.” Went to the Safeway for groceries and got into a minor thing about potatos It’s all so stupid. Came home. The steel guy (Alan Curtis) never showed. I did some laundry and took some pictures of the hole. Fixed dinner – Lamb, asparagus, peas, gravy, mashed potatos etc. We watched the Flip Wilson Show. Sammy Davis Jr. a guest and very good. Talked with Timmy while I cleaned up. “Too early to go to bed” and yet he’d been sleeping all through the show. Poor Dick has put on 5 lbs while Timmy’s been here. Thanks to the Strawberry Shortcake, chocolate cookies. peanut butter + all the crap we’ve had around. Timmy will not listen when I say its fattening + I don’t want it in the house.