I woke up at 5 am with the beginning of a cold. Made tea + took aspirin The work Day began with Eldon not showing up. Dick + Jack working alone. Dick had rented a jackhammer + was on it all day trying (+ succeeding) [crossed out letters] to get out the remaining caliche. I wrote Ana in the early a.m. cleaned up around and took off for the Valley of Fire with Timmy around 11:30. He wanted me to get a map and I stopped in North? L.V. at a service station but they had none and I got verbal directions which I followed. Long drive without many signs and Timmy fretting – “I think we made a wrong turn” etc. etc. We got there finally and the Ranger Station had nothing to eat. The post cards were unsuitable “It would be nice if we had a camera” etc. Drove around for a while and stopped to let him sketch. “If only I had some colors with me – some  pastels etc.” Well they’re at the house + have been untouched since his last visit. We went to Overton Beach for lunch – it was about 3 o’clock – “too late for lunch” and ate anyway Despite everything Timmy was impressed by the countryside and the colors. The ride back along the North Shore Drive to Henderson was one more continuous litany of wrong turn, wrong direction etc. By the time we got to Henderson I was a nervous wreck. I called Dick + we decided on Lobster tails. Had to go to Pantry Pride to get them. Timmy picked up a huge strawberry shortcake (frozen) as a present for Dick. As I’ve been telling him that Dick must watch his weight, it’s a little like bringing him some nice poison. Got home about 5:30 o’clock Dick on the Jack Hammer all day + worn out. Wanted to eat early but Timmy not hungry. We ate around 7:30. I did the lobster tails because Dick was soaking in a tub + I couldn’t cut them right and I went to pieces. Dick went to bed before dinner was over + I talked with Timmy as I cleaned up (Easier to talk when it’s a matter of cleaning + not cooking as there’s no interference in that department.) Oh dear – long, long, long, long day!!!