Up early. Made bed in the guestroom + vacuumed + dusted. Cleared up dishes, watered the lawn. The diggers here + working hard. Carl + Britt + Bob Chevras – Gave them coffee first + later ice water. They hit caliche but bulled their way through it, breaking the bucket in the process. Had to weld it back together. I washed Joyce’s rug as there was dog crap on it. (had planned to clean it.) Took Timmy to see Boulder [crossed out word] Dam. Stopped at the lookout point + then at the Ranger Station to see the relief map + the lightshow with commentary. Went on the tour inside. (“I suppose it would mean something to somebody who was interested in construction”) The sandwich stand jammed. The Gold strike saloon was too + Hayseed” so we went to the Marina for lunch “nobody seems to want to serve us” – however when we ate the food was good + he was “glad to have seen the dam. After all it seems very strange to come all the way to Las Vegas and then not see it.” We stopped in Henderson on the way back and I got a steak and some odds + ends. Home by 5 or so. The [crossed out letters] hole dug + it looks beautiful. I cooked the steak in wine + mushrooms etc. Wouldn’t let anyone in the kitchen so everything went comparatively smoothy Of course when Dick cut the meat Timmy got the only piece that was full of gristle. “I always find that with Safeway meats, they look all right but they’re just terrible.” We watched TV and I finished mending Timmy’s sweater. It turned out to be pretty well riddled with moth holes but I think I got it all sewn up. Watched a horror movie + then after cleaning up went to bed.