Very tired. Think I caught a cold today. Up early + started watering the lawn. Dick off with Jack about 7:30 Carpet Layer, Frank here at 8:30 or so. Wrote Daddy + paid some bills – Ellery Queen, Nevada Power, sent for slacks for Dick + returned signed forms to immigration department. Baked some apples. Called Harriett + got story straight on her brother “Benny.” She wants him in a V.A. Hospital instead of New Hampshire State + I’ll write Jimmy now that I have the details. Jack + Dick back at 10:30 + did more work on the pool Dick did some brick work up against the house and it looks just beautiful I called Druscilla + we had a good talk. Situation with her Father is really sad – from every point of view and as she + Dick can’t take him there isn’t anything she can say or do and he’s behaving badly so it’s not all one sided. Jerry the inspector was over and Eddie Kulick. Timmy + I left the house about 12 noon having made a very haphazard list. Went to the Blvd and bought vitamins + got a cardigan sweater for Timmy – Just right, fits like a glove and pretty. Stopped at Bank + deposited $50 in Ana acct. Went to Post office + mailed letters + picked up a returned letter to Armando. Know it contains a M.O. + will send it on tomorrow. Had lunch at the Landmark + gambled a little. Went to the Safeway + left film at the drugstore. Home around 4:45. Got dinner started about 5:20. Major production. Not ready til after 7 Kept cleaning up after Timmy so the mess wouldn’t be too god awful. Dinner good – watched TV. Had note from Daddy with check for $50.00 Whee. Washed Joyce’s poodle rug. Not finished yet. Did a little work on M.J.’s bag and Timmy gave me a sweater to mend which has to be stitched all around the bottom. Bed about 10 – President Nixon home + arriving endlessly on all TV channels. Norm didn’t dig today broke a drive line