Timmy’s birthday (70th!) We slept in + made love + got up about 8:30 or so. Dick suddenly announced he was going to get Jack + set the forms on our pool as Norm might dig tomorrow. Dick + Jack worked like horses and didn’t lay off until 4 o’clock. Not finished + all sorts of complications like ground slopes etc + weird house angles. Timmy + I spread the 1620-0 pellets all over the lawn and watered the hell out of it. Discovered that Armando evidently had never watered the trees in back + the fig tree is dead + gone. I did some laundry. (Timmy came with some dirty underwear + a sweater to be mended) I got a bit frazzled. Worried about Dick working too hard etc + appalled at a sink full of dishes at 1 pm when I’d already cleaned up after breakfast! Norm came over to look at the forms + the plan. Clark Isom came over to pick up some logs + bought 2 tickets for Operation Child Haven. Dick decided we should go to the Alpine Village for dinner (I’d begun to think we couldn’t go out) and we bathed + dressed + I gave him a shave. Druscilla called – bad connection – Said among other things that Scotty had called her + said Peter Hobbs was in the hospital dying of cirrhosis I asked Drue if Scott had been drinking + she said yes. Checked with Timmy + the story isn’t true. Nice dinner – Home + Timmy opened his presents. The clock + the sweater + the handkerchiefs. We watched some of the Blue Max + then went to bed + watched the rest. Leon called + Johnnie Swift called + wants to give a benefit for Child Haven, the Boy Scouts + Needy Children.