Woke tired + tearful – Dick said something about taking geretol + I burst into great racking sobs. Marvelous. Wrote Mom + sent 3 tickets + wrote Jess + sent her a silver dollar, a check for $20.00 and 7 lottery tickets. Called Evelyn MacArthur to tell her the books from Rich Ware had never arrived. I so hope they’re not forever lost. Called Isabel + had a long chat. Did some cleaning, dusted the rest of the livingroom, went to the cleaners and Sprouse Reitz and then to the Stardust. Played a little 21 + won $35 before picking up Timmy + Larry + Gene at the Greyhound bus terminal around the other end of the stardust. Dropped Larry + Gene at the Vagabond motel and then went with Timmy to the Tropicana after asking if he’d like to stop. Wish we hadn’t. Gave him $15 and took 20 to the 21 table. Timmy wandering around disembodied + Marcus- like. Kept coming to the table. I lost my $20 plus another 20 + left. Am not going to play 21 while he’s here it’s not possible. Went to the safeway for groceries after stopping to see if his throat spray had been left in the bus or was in his bag. (the latter) Came home + decided on the addition instead of the guestroom. Had a cup of tea + coffee + chatted. It’s going to be a difficult visit unless I make a real effort. And not really Timmy’s fault so much as the situation in general. Called Wendy this A.M. + she’s head stewardess now + hasn’t a moment – nor does she know anyone who does. Dick home at 5:30 utterly exhausted. We had thawed out Boeuf Bourgiononne for dinner + while I cleaned up they watched Sanford + Son. Then we all watched All in the Family (T + D dozed) + then went to bed about 8:40