Jessie is engaged to Doug Cole.

Hectic am and I was very tired. Called floor craftsmen. Hammerberg came out with Dick’s key + took a house key to give to Carey. Jack fixed the hot water heater. Timmy called. I had to call him back. He wanted to know if I’d made the reservation back. Hadn’t but did + then called again. Irv Goldstein out to measure the guestroom I chose a lovely carpet + the total price on installation is going to be $285 – (half for us to pay) Called Mr. Addams + that will be okay also they’ll pay to have the carpet cleaned in the hall. I wrote Jim Parker and Jean Enelow who’d somehow understood from my valentine that we were coming back East in the next month. I read a little + fell asleep on our unmade bed. Up with a jump about 3 o’clock. Changed the sheets. Dick home, put out the garbage, + went over to help Jack set some forms. The new carpet is being installed Monday at 8:30 and the pool is going to be dug on Tuesday and I think maybe Timmy should be put in the addition except that it’s chilly there!! Note from Mrs. MacArthur thanking us for gift to Rich + asking about the book which had never arrived. Note from James Enelow bells. We played yahtzee and called Dave – still no word. Rich Stanley [crossed out words] has gone into bankruptcy owing $30,000. We called Mom to say hello. Everything okay there. Phone rang and it was Jessie to tell us she was getting married at the end of April or early May to Doug who’s been upper most in her thoughts now for 2 years. So happy. Spoke with Co + Russell + then made their Showboat reservations + called them back. Spoke with Jess again “Life seems full of infinite possibilities” I felt swept with nostalgia, rue et al.