Dick + Jack off thru the front door + there in the lock – all my keys including the one to our burglar alarm system. Service with a smile. The Insurance adjustor came and it was Charles Addams again. I do like him. He said they’d pay half the replacement fee for a new carpet and I said I thought I could clean the hall. Gave him a couple of logs to take with him. Washed my hair + found there was no hot water. Oh hell. Called the office and left a garbled message on the memory phone. Went over to Breakfast at the Blvd and saw Eddie + met Peter Oswald who’s in Fiddler on the roof. He gave me the name of two women in the company (one’s the stage manager) who plan to start a legitimate theatre here. Unfortunately Fiddler closes on Feb. 27th so I guess we won’t see it. I went over to the Landmark tower then and played the dime progressive machine. I won $100 – 4 bars – but then I lost it at 21. Got a really splitting headache and left about 4. Called Dick and he was pinned to a chair in the livingroom having jumped over the mat. The anti-crime lab had his key. Bought some groceries + rushed home to disarm the house! Harold Stern had called + Dick told him I’d call back which I did All he wanted was to talk as he’d been in a really blue mood. It made me feel good that somebody wanted to talk to me – I don’t mean that the way it sounds either – “Applause” still hasn’t gotten the money they’ve been counting on and Harold seemed to think the whole thing was going to grind to a halt barring Miracles by next week. We had chinese TV dinners + played yahtzee + I gave Dick a shave in the addition (elements burned out on new heater) He went out for a 9:30 appt and I cut up a pineapple, baked some apples + cleaned up the kitchen Bed at 11:30.