Before leaving today Dick told me he was worried about Leon + thought I ought to go see him. I began thinking + decided we could afford the $300 a month we used to give Bill. Called Leon + told him I was mailing a check today + there would be one every month. I wish we could bail him out with a big lump sum but maybe this will work out better. I spoke with Timmy who’s arriving on Saturday at 2:10 at the Stardust + sounded very happy to be coming. Called Mary to thank her for her anniversary card. [crossed out letters] Washed the kitchen floor + waxed it + tottered off to play Spite and malice with Alice. Nice soufflé and a very nice respite. Mailed Leon’s check + B.Dalton + phone bills. Went to Bank of Nevada + deposited another 50 in the Ana savings acct + $100 at Valley in the hsehld acct. Went to cleaners, Sprouse Reitz and Safeway. Then Hadlands for 2 80 lb bags of 1620-0 fertilizer pellets. Home + finished cleaning every inch of the kitchen. Had forgotten to turn on our memory phone. Made pumpkin pie. Note from Timmy. Letter from Immigration dept. we’ll get the $2,000 back [crossed out letters] “within 3 weeks”!!!! Dick home around 6. We had a good dinner + played yahtzee + watched TV and I knitted another square. Gave him a shave after “McCloud” + there was not hot water. Went to bed very tired.