our 3rd anniversary

Exhausting day without really accomplishing much of anything. Did 3 loads of wash + some ironing. Some men came about the trees in back and took down two [crossed out words] to make room for the pool. I couldn’t watch. Will miss them from my desk window. First, he was going to do the work in exchange for the above ground pool but then his rig broke and he needs the cash. I made some pie crusts and put heaters out to dry the rug. Mr. Hammerburg came + I paid him $365.00 for installation + first + last month. I vaccumed in the living room Joyce came over with a veronica tree and I told her she was dooming it to certain death. Anything I touch seems to wither + dry. Nice visit though brief. Had meant to do so much more + was knocked out by the little I did do. Got a card from Ana. So glad they’re home safely + it was a lovely card. Sue sent us an anniversary card which I thought was very dear. Spoke with Bill Blackmer who’s not doing lawns any more. Dick home at 4:30 + John Zacker (sp?) came over with our keys + showed us how to arm the alarm system. I do hope we remember the damned thing we both napped a little + then I fixed Chipped beef for Dick + salad + scallops for me. Felt somewhat better afterward. We watched the Nile series + the Harlem globetrotters + I restitched Dick’s blue shirt. It’s hard to believe we’ve been married 3 years. It’s gone so fast I love Dick more now than last year + more last than the year before etc. I think that must be a good marriage