Well – a day and a half. Up early after late bed. So called “legal holiday” so the store was closed. Thank God Ideal plumbing was not. Dick went to get a hot water heater + he + Jack installed it while 3 guys from the Crime lab came to install our system. Mr. Hammerburg (when I told him to call me Patience he said “My name is Henning) came for a quick overlook + we’ve decided against the bedroom switch until the improved sequence [crossed out words] system is ready. People tracking in + out all day + I retreated into a jigsaw puzzle Just couldn’t cope + didn’t know how else to keep out of the way without leaving which I couldn’t. If the house was bad before it’s incredible now!! They all left about 2 – Will be back when the rug dries out. Dick was going to have to go out on a pool but then the gunite people showed up so we took a short nap. Interrupted by man from the phone Co. who came in to install the memory phone we’re really going to be totally equipped when this is all over. Bill Blackmer had been going to come over but we called + left a message then invited J + J to dinner at the Starbord Tack. Went by Brown’s first to look at the gunite job + they hadn’t done anything!! Dinner was fun but very disappointing as I’d had my heart set on a lobster + they serve margerine!! (for $8.00) fortunately I found out before ordering so had a filet mignon came home + collected our messages! And then played Yahtzee + went to bed about 10:30.