Woke at 4:30 am + 6 am + so on. Felt horrible The house a mess. Called crime Lab to say the carpet was soaked in the hall – one of the spots for a pressure mat. They said they’d come + do what else they could. The johns not working, the kitchen too awful to look at and my head throbbing. Dick took me to the Golden Nugget for lunch + we played a couple of keno tickets (the $10.80) + Dick won $90. I played a little 21 and lost $20. After we left we went by Mario’s pool – the one that’s going to have music piped in. Then we came home + Dick started designing us a pool while I did the dishes. The pool he’s designed is absolutely beautiful. brick coping, a therapy pool and a raised deep end to conform with the slope of the ground. We’ll lose two trees but it will be wonderful to have it. Dick had said something about having to get all our plumbing overhauled before we got a pool and I’d lost hope but now he’s saying they’ll dig it this week!!! We ate a snack meal and played yahtzee and watched TV. Dick stayed up to watch “Shane” at 11:30! We saw all of Citizen Kane without commercials and the 2nd half of the 2nd half of Ben Hur with 2,000 commercials and a 5 minute special report on Nixon arriving in China – we went to sears + montgomery wards to look at water softeners + heaters – ran into Norm of action trenching + learned that Bennie O’Bannion had died of pneumonia while being treated for flu + Rich Stanley is going into bankruptcy.