Oh Lord what a day. Started out fine – lovely + sunny + Dick helped me hang curtains in the addition. We played Yahtzee + I gave him a shave. Ann Hall called as he was leaving + I told her I’d call her back. Walked barefoot down the hall with Dick + the carpet was wet. For one second I thought it was a dog but then the extent of the moisture became apparent. The guest bathroom soaked. Turned out to be the hot water heater. Dick had a 10 o’clock appt + didn’t go. Turned off the electricity + the water before he left. Discovered alot of his tools missing + blew up about Armando. Ghastly morning. I lay around + read. Couldn’t clean. Couldn’t do a damn thing. Finally decided to go out + gamble + then decided against that, too. Jack + Joyce over + Jack fixed what he could. They’d brought a drink with them + when he’d finished I offered them another + I decided to have one too. Drank vermouth. Dick came home while we were sitting there + I felt shitty. But couldn’t do anything about it. There I was with the booze in front of me. I then [crossed out letters] finished off the gin + fell + broke one of the TV tables. Only positive thing to come out of the afternoon was Joyce saying she’d help me start a garden. Dick was very nice + gave me some aspirins but I felt too horrible to care.