I wrote the Pigotts and I wrote Timmy who comes next Saturday. I’m afraid I’m not really looking forward to his visit. Tried to call him but no answer. Sent commission check to Leon. Called phone co. + are having the “memory phone” installed on Monday. Called answering service to cancel out. Called Caesar’s Palace to find out how long Joan Rivers is going to be here – (March 1st) Called Leon + told him Dick’s reports should have been sent off to Dr. Steinlieb on Tuesday. I started watering our lawn this morning + Dick called Bill Blackmer who’s going to come over on Monday (!along with the phone Co. + the Crime lab) + discuss taking care of it again. The memory phone at the office not working – grand. I made a recording for it. Deposited my residual in Bank of Nevada and stopped to see Daisy who wasn’t on. Visited briefly with June + left. Went to the Landmark + played the slot machine + then 21 – couldn’t do a thing so left. [crossed out words] Got a few groceries + won $25 at the Safeway. Dick had a 6:30 appt. so I transplanted all the little flowers he’d bought me. Two of them I think will do quite well. Fixed a nice dinner but he didn’t want any when he came home We played Yahtzee and Dick won 6 out of 7 Bed about 10:30 –