Dick slept in a little and we made love + had a leisurely getting up. I wrote “Uncle T.” Willis and then put Mary’s Redwood Information in an envelope and mailed them both off. Did a little around the house, went to Drugstore for last roll of pictures. Pigotts too small + far away. Bought some cards + a lint remover. Went to Sprouse Reitz for a larger curtain rod + the valance, then went over to the Landmark Tower Lee not there got way ahead but stayed all day almost – Lost $50.00 It’s been so long since I played that I felt like playing more instead of leaving. Had a good time. Went to the florist on Tropicana to get some potting soil for the little bonsai tree. Don’t know if it will survive but it’s a sturdy little thing + I hope it will. Dick was in a state when I got home. The Health Department at this late date, turned down the Commercial!!! It’s going to cost us one hell of alot of money to get it fixed + Dick feels that Shirley + Jack are in large degree responsible (morally) for not having told him that Pat Sullivan had designed it. He’s thinking of closing the store next summer + letting Shirley go. If ever it was a provacation for a drink it would have been then but he didn’t. [crossed out word] I fixed fried chicken for dinner but Dick didn’t eat until later. We played Yahtzee + he won 4 straight games in a row which was nice for his morale. Nice letter from Sue Glick, a note from Harriet, a residual for $81.00 and our book on the tower of London. Went to bed about 9:00 but stayed up reading + watching TV.