Up at 6 – Wrote a note to Rich Ware + took Daddy coffee at 6:30 or so. After breakfast we took him to the airport. Time to play a slot machine + Dick + I provided him with 5 nickels. He won a jackpot + left with at least 35 nickels or so. He kept laughing + it was a nice little filler. They let Dick take him on the plane but stopped me at the gate. Was just as glad as I felt a little tearful. Came home + rushed around the house. Changed the sheets and cleaned the two bathrooms the guest room and dusted our bedroom. Did a load of wash + the dishes. Went to the Safeway, Drugstore, laundry + Sprouse Reitz where I picked up some curtains, rods + pot holders. Went to Alice’s for lunch but she wasn’t there I went over to Woolco + got some peat moss for our little bonsai tree. Had lunch with Alice + played Spite ‘n’malice. About even by the end of the day. Stopped at the Desert Inn Safeway for some “potting soil” but couldn’t find any. Home by 4:30. Dick in just as I was. We ate early – Dick had his chipped beef and I had scallops. He said about 5:30 or 6:00 – “you know, I miss your Father already!” We looked at a little TV, played a little yahtzee + went to bed. Lights out by 9:30. Dick is reading “many mansions” + I’ve started a new detective story. “The Golden age caper.” Mr. Hammerberg called + they’re going to install the burglar alarm system on Monday.