Daddy’s last day here – lovely + sunny + I felt a pang as I went out for the paper. I finished taking notes on his manuscript before he got up for breakfast and then after, I went through them all with him. Spent the morning and afternoon correcting all 3 copies and then before I went to bed I finished typing up the notes in an easy to manage fashion (I think) We left the house around 12:15 for Alice’s. Angie there and we had a very nice time. We ate outside in the sunshine. Afterwards I picked up my films $8.41 for nothing much at all. Very disappointing really except for a few of the show shots in the Redwoods. I called Bill Bentley + he’d forgotten to send Dick’s reports to Dr. Sternlieb but promised to get them out this afternoon. We went to the Landmark tower Prime Rib room for dinner + the food was really delicious. The place has changed – there’s only the one menu at a fixed price. The check came to $13.56 for the three of us plus a lovely bag of goodies for Newman + Little. Came home + Daddy had a night cap while [crossed out letter] Dick + I played 2 out of 3 yahtzee games to see who’d wash the windows. – Dick has the honor. I think Dad’s had a good visit and I’m very happy about it. Bed by 9:30 or ten.