In the early a.m. I made packages of Daddy’s books to be sent home, a pile of books for the Pigotts, Lyles Christmas gift with letter, the “I can Hear it Now album” for Rich Ware + a copy of “The Lion is .. ” for Julia Mullen. Ordered flowers to be sent to Leon for Valentine’s day + to Palm Mortuary for Bennie O’Bannion. Mr. Hammerberg, the Burglar alarm man, came after Breakfast. A fascinating man – Dick came home while he was here + we agreed that we want the system put in. $325 and a $20.00 a month service fee for 5 years at the end of which time it’s all ours. Dick took Daddy out to look at some jobs and I spent about an hour more talking with Mr. Hammerberg. He holds a commission in 3 armies, The Finnish, the Danish + the British. Told me about Denmark etc. Kept wishing Daddy and/or Dick was there to here Went to Mayfair Market, Post Office, Wonderworld + lost some money in the slots but had nice visit with Daisy, + Bank of Nevada where I opened a savings acct with $150. Going to deposit the $50 a week we used to pay for Ana and use the money for household improvements. Valley Bank deposited $100 + then Safeway + home. Daddy back, they’d gone to the Jungle club for lunch. I prepared Beouf Bourgignonne and fixed salad + garlic bread. Finished about 3:45 – Slept for 25 minutes (w/timer) added the thickener to the beef + was about to start working on [crossed out word] Daddy’s mss. when Dick came home. Listened to I can Hear it Now. Exchanged valentines. Dick brought me flowers and I gave him Robert Frost. Got a nice valentine from Margie out of the blue. We all dressed for dinner – Newcomb called + then shortly after Mary who was a little tight. Les hadn’t come home yet + she was saying “Oh Fuck a doo” to Daddy who fortunately couldn’t hear + was saying Happy Valentine’s Day to you dearie.” Got the phone away in time. The Bentley’s came an hour late but we had a really good time + the dinner was great. They left a little after 10, we played some yahtzee + fell in bed.