Beautiful clear brisk sunny day. I wrote letters to Lyle + Julia + Rae O’Dell + sent a contribution to the Southwest Indian foundation Dick up early to fix the chicken for our picnic. Came in with the obituary column. Bennie O’Bannion died at 46 years of age. I’m sorry [crossed out word] because we both liked him + he was fun. Dick gave Daddy breakfast + I made his bed + fixed sandwiches. We left about 9:45. Daddy warmly dressed – I wasn’t too + was cold later. Got to the marina just as Jack + Joyce were tying up. A really lovely day for the lake although a little cold and their new boat is just perfect We went into “The wishing well” in the canyon + on through into the other lake. clear as glass there. We stopped on a rocky beach for a rest stop for Joyce + me + they got Daddy out (which I’d hoped they wouldn’t) ate on the beach + then went all the way to the temple rocks which neither Dick not I had ever seen. Jack drank some 8 beers and “went potty” over the back of the boat at least as many times. I thought it was a bit much. Joyce was great. She goes back to work tomorrow at the Trop. We were home about 4. Daddy said to me, as I already knew that he hates being unsteady + feebly. It’s a humiliation to someone who’s been such a prime physical speciman. (I sounded like a meat inspector) Dick + I napped like rocks for 2 hours. Leon called + sounded alot better than yesterday Delicious dinner of steak, corn, beans + spinach + ice cream Played 1 side of Edward R. Murrow and then played yahtzee + I won.