Woke at 6 – made coffee, wrote diary + ironed Dad’s underwear + pajamas. Dick Ravenous so fixed him scrambled eggs + bacon + brought them to him in bed. Daddy up shortly after for the second breakfast sitting. Dick’s going to take him out on Monday to look at some jobs. I made a list for Daddy of all the people he’s met here (he’s asked for it several times.) and I drew up a list of what we’ve done each day (date + main event.) I think it looks pretty full although I heard him say to Ed last night that he’d had a “quiet visit” While Daddy read the paper I wrote valentines to David + Debby + James + Jean We called Joyce + are going out on the lake tomorrow. I sent valentine flowers to Rich Ware. Called Leon + was so glad I did as he sounded just terrible. Really depressed – but to a point I’ve never heard before. It was frightening – We [crossed out word] talked for almost half an hour. In the beginning I did most of the talking but little by little he began to perk up + he did sound better at the end. Was very glad I’d called. Went to Safeway for meat. picked up Dick’s jacket + shirt at Steiners, went to Garwood Vans to pick up the “I can Hear it now” records + one of Robert Frost then we mailed the valentines + picked up Alice for lunch at the Dunes Country club. A very attractive place + nice lunch. Took Daddy home to watch the Bob Hope open and then took Alice home. Played an interrupted game of spite and malice. Went to Safeway for the rest of our groceries + came home just as the open was winding up for the day. Fixed dinner. Made chocolate Banana pie for Dick and worked on Daddy’s mss. Did about 9 or 10 pages today. There’s an awful lot he’s left out I feel. We had a really good dinner. Dick had seconds of meat!!! Then watched All in the family + played a little yahtzee. Long day + went to bed tired.