Up early – did diary – wrote note to Jack. Back to bed + made love – Breakfast, beds + dishes – cleaned up remains of last night’s good party. Dick off about 9:00. Lady called about the above ground pool + then never came out. Sent valentine candygrams to Sue Glick, the Michelses (I feel badly that they’ve never written a note about the blanket) Harriet, Aunt Hope + Estelle Winwood. Western Union operator comes from Fitchburg, Mass + was very nice. I wrote valentines to Winnie + Jessie (who’d left Kenyon) + Margie, Patsy + Abby. Called Casey + asked her + Eddie over for a drink before dinner. Called Mary + caught her just as they were leaving for Palm Springs Glad I did and very nice chat. Took the letters to the P.O. and then went to the old Bonanza country club for lunch. It’s a private club (members only) so we went back to the stardust golf club. Nice lunch. Safeway + home. Set up dinner stuff, did some wash and then worked on Daddy’s mss. Covered 20 pages taking notes. Went over the notes with him + a few of the small ones he took care of immediately. Dick was home about 5 Had some things to paint. A man from Tropical pool service came over for a filter. Ed + Casey came about 5:30 – Stayed for an hour + we had a very nice time with them. Dick in a very good humor. Evidently the appt. with Bentley went very well + there’s vast improvement in his liver. Has to go for blood sugar tests in 2 weeks. Mary sent us all valentines. Nice dinner + early to bed. Tom called Dick for work can’t pay his room rent. Dick told him he was sorry but he blew it when he went with Pat Sullivan and I guess he did at that. I think Dick felt badly about the whole thing. We’re supposed to get O’Donnel’s decision Mon.