Up early. Did a few more page’s of Dad’s mss (Just writing in the tops) and wrote valentines to the N.L. Cleveland. Daddy up about 8:30 – breakfast + beds + off to Breakfast at the Blvd. Alice saving seat for us. Interesting guest. Dr. Harvey Mindez author of “Laughter + liberation” A Bev. Hills Psychotherapist and teacher at UCLA. He talked very interestingly After the show I went to B.Dalton’s + got a copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull for Maie + Bill and a couple of mysteries. Next stop the Cleaners’ – and then the Safeway Home around 11:15. I spent the rest of the morning polishing the silver, fixed 2 weight watcher luncheons (fish + spinach) for us + then I started cleaning house. First time I’ve vaccuumed since Ana left – almost two weeks! Hung some pictures + fixed the steak for tonight. Went over to the Post Office with Valentines + a couple of Daddy’s letters + the mortgage + a letter to Columbia tapes with a check closing Armando’s acct. with them. Came home + had a cup of coffee + sat for a minute with Daddy. He said he felt he’d stayed too long and that 3 weeks was too long a visit + he was keeping me from my “daily living” etc. I felt a little guilty because I hadn’t paid much attention to him today. It is true that his visit is time consuming and I’m not doing some of the things I should be but on the other had I’m also not doing some of the things I shouldn’t be like gambling. nice note from Annie with remainder of Feb’s itinerary. Dick had an appt. at 4 but went + the house was empty so he came home in a fairly sour mood. Bugged about guests for dinner etc. I spoke with Phoebe Bentley + invited her + Bill for Monday. Dick has an appt. tomorrow a.m. Called Angie Leveritt + she’s sick with flu. Had wanted to take her for lunch tomorrow. Maybe next Mon. or Tues. Got dressed about 5 of six. I’m really pretty thin + things are beginning to look nice. Ann + Eddie came at 6:10 + Alice at 6:30. It was a very nice evening. Dick liked both Ann + Eddie + it was apparent. I enjoyed talking with Eddie for the first time + I think everyone had fun. Daddy had a bit too much but had 2 glasses of ice coffee + nobody seemed to mind. Party broke up about 10. Dick in a lovely mood + we played 2 games of yahtzee + watched Twilight Zone