Daddy told Ted Willis, “Patience has a Super Husband.”

Up about 6:30 – wrote diary and did a couple of valentines for the Keenan children. Then back to bed + made love. Didn’t hear Daddy get up but he was up around 8 I guess + gave himself his juice + grapefruit. I fixed his egg + bacon + then gave Dick a shave. He was standing on the chair in the library looking out the window and I think a pool is imminent. Whee. Dick fixed some breakfast for himself + me. I ate it because I’d gotten a little snippy + made amends. We took off around ten o’clock. I took Dad’s biographical sketch with me + on the way + back I went over about 15 pages + made notes. Couldn’t do more as it was a little sick-making with the car rocketing along at 75 mph. A long monotonous drive both ways – via searchlight + needles. Lake Havasu City is not very attractive at all – just a great number of trailers + mobile homes way out in the Arizona Desert Hills. London Bridge very obviously the focal point. Had mixed feelings about it. Did not get the sense of history that Elaine did so vividly. Nor on the other had did I feel it was a terrible desecration Did not like all the flags + the Disney-esque little English village although the pub was a delight + lunch good. Daddy after a gibson and 2 large English beers told our waitress that he liked the pub but he thought they’d “made a monkey” out of the bridge. She took it nicely + I stubbed my toe on the table trying to kick him I went over after + took a few pictures + bought a booklet on the bridge. Dick stayed with Daddy who was expounding his views to a couple of Englishmen, one of whom murmured politely “But a lot of people come to see it, sir” – We shared the ride back. Had light supper of soup + salad. No exciting mail. I did a batch of wash + we called Ted Willis in San Mateo + had a nice chat Was very glad of that. Dick + I played yahtzee + then bed.