(3 years)(Wow)

Up about 6:30 – Dick off at 7. Busy sort of day. I changed the sheets + did a lot of wash – the yellow bedspread, towels. The dogs bed things etc. Called Lee Stevens. Her daughter, age 11, has been diagnosed with Leukemia + she’s taking her to the Scripps clinic in La Jolla tonight. I called Grace Sena + A + A + Paco crossed the border by the 31st so we get our money back. Also returned the call from “Mrs. Muir” it was Elda + I filled her in on recent events. Started a few valentines. Did the Tulsa children + Anthony + started notes to Winnie + Jess. Wrote Birthday card for Linc + paid Maurine for pictures. Sorted cleaning + unpacked Dick called and a State appraiser arrived simultaneously. Our taxes will be going up – that’s for sure. But he was pleasant + his visit brief. We left the house a little before 11. Went to cleaners + Safeway + then to Valley Bank. Put $600 in savings acct + $2,000 (temporarily) in Hsehld acct + took $900 in cash (3 for Lee). Went to Bank of Nevada + deposited $600 plus Rae O’Dell’s check for $100. Then down to the office to give Dick his sales kit + mail letters. Picked up his glasses at Nevada Optical and then went to the Immigration office. Closed for lunch. Went to Nevada Frames + picked up the 3 pictures. Very happy with them. We went to the Landmark for lunch and I gave Lee the 300 to pay off the loan shark. She’d been trying to raise money this weekend to get her daughter Cindy into Scripps but got it all. Lee too has leukemia – a controllable type I never knew + hope that if her daughter does have it its the same kind We had a pretty poor lunch – mine at least – and had to wait interminably before being served. Back to immigration My business there brief – they’ll mail me a check. But it was a long wait. Next went to pick up the dogs. All bathed + groomed + trembly and very pleased to see Daddy + me. Brought them home at 3:30 – letter from Jim Parker. Did more wash. Dick home at 4:20. I took a copy of the Lion is busy for Cindy (whom I’ve never met) over to the landmark. The car wouldn’t start up. Battery cables eroded. Between the Parking lot guy + the man from the service station they got it started + then the service station tightened the connections. Home at 5:30 fixed dinner – After we watched the Olympic ice skating beautiful. I filled in the tops on almost 30 pages more of Daddy’s mss. Bed about 10 o’clock. Long day. We’re going to see London Bridge tomorrow.