Daddy made up his mind he wanted to stay + have lunch with the Pigotts. We had breakfast at 9 again + packed + bathed. I gave Dick a shave + then took all the breakfast things back to Maie + Bill. Finished Many Mansions this a.m. It’s a very positive book in many ways – at least I find its personal application positive. Am anxious for Dick to read it. We went to a golf club house for lunch “limited lunch on Mondays” – Had sandwiches + coffee + a nice time – parted company with fond farewells about 1:30 + pressed on to San Francisco. Had plane reservations at 5:40. Got to 3rd street in San Mateo at 3 o’clock + stopped to call Ted Willis in the hopes of seeing him but sadly there was no answer. On to the airport, turned in the car, checked in our bags (complete with chains + bananas etc.) Dick + Daddy had a shoeshine + I bought some books including 3 Brautigan books. The flight back was smooth. Daddy got all our champagne but it didn’t do any harm. We had a “snack” on the plane which was really just that. Could have eaten 3 of them. Got home with no trouble. Huge pile of mail including a check for $3,500 from Julia Mullen and some bills etc. Messages from Lee Stevens (about 5) and Grace Sena at the landmark + “Mrs. Muir.” We sat around for a little + then all went off to Bed. It was a good trip.