Had breakfast around 9. fixed fried eggs + bacon for Dick + Daddy + made a pot of real coffee. [crossed out word] An overcast day but not foggy. Dick + I went into Carmel + bought 2 bottles of brandy for the Pigotts. And a tie for Dick (he’d brought a blue with his brown jacket) Daddy went in on the Brandy with us. The Pigotts met us at 11:30 in their Jag + Daddy drove with them while Dick + I followed. Absolutely gorgeous drive along “the 17 mile drive” – Stopped down by the shore + watched the breakers pounding in against the rocks – covered with birds + further out, seals As we came to Cypress point the Jag stopped + so did we + so did the cars behind us. Maie got calmly out + do did I very quickly + she told me “Now Patience these are Monterrey cypress. They can’t be found anywhere else in the world. They grow only on the Monterrey peninusala.” We had stopped on an uphill curve in a single lane road and the cars were piling up behind us – some 20 or 30 of them. But not a horn blew + Maie got majestically back into the jag + on we drove. It was indescribably funny. One other disconcerting stop at the outer entrance to the Beach club complex when Maie took us in to see a spectacular view + then marched us out again. She’d waved Daddy + “Billy” on so she completed the drive with us. Lunch was perfect. A huge buffet table of salads + goodies + then hot lamb. The cold fare was so interesting + extensive that Daddy, Dick + I didn’t even get to the entrees. After lunch they went back to the Hacienda Carmel + Dick + I drove about getting pleasantly lost. On one piece of road four deer hopped across the road as we watched. We went to Pacific Grove + then Monterrey + then back to Carmel where we bought a few cards. Back to our rooms + then at a little before [crossed out letter] 6 over to the Pigotts for drinks + then on to dinner. It was a late evening by this little Aunt’s standards – parted company after 9. Had gone thru their who dunnit library + am going to send Bill + Maie some of mine. Met a funny lady who told me the only person she knew in the entertainment world was Carol Channing “and her parents were such nice people,” she said sadly. Went on reading Many Mansions – am very involved in it.