Woke to see the snow still falling We were cozy enough but the beds not any too comfortable + a little bent in the middle. Nobody came until about 8 so coffee was long postponed. Dick was able to buy some chains so we could get out but no hope of going over to Sierra National Park About 9 o’clock we started winding our way down the mountain. At about 4,000 feet the snow had turned to rain and only 35 or 40 miles after we’d left we were in the middle of orange groves again unbelievable. Called the Pigotts from Fresno + said we should be there about 4:30 or 5 Drove back up thru Madera + then cut off + went to Las Banos for lunch. Found an adequate spot where the gibson was inadequate + Daddy told the hostess it was the stingiest drink he’d ever had. I found myself getting headachey + irritable + my humor finally rubbed off on Dick who was annoyed with me. I drove the rest of the way Dick snoozed a a little. We were in Carmel before 3 o’clock + Dick took over. Got to the Hacienda Carmel at 3:15. Bill Pigott came out to meet us + took us to our quarters in the Casa Amigos. What a glorious surprise A nice room + bath for Daddy + next door a suite for us bedroom, bath living room + very complete kitchen all thoughtfully stocked with breakfast things + fruit + candy + flowers by Mae. My spirits soared. Don’t know what I’d expected but nothing as private as grand + as self-sufficient as this. Dick was delighted too. We rested a while and then about 5 o’clock went to the Pigotts apt. Delightful big sitting room with a fire at one end Drinks for all with gingerale + soda for the abstaining Michelses. Then we moved over into the dining room. The Hacienda Carmel is a retirement community and a very attractive set up. We had a good time at dinner + Dick liked Mae + Bill + vice-versa. Mae is really “something else.” We retired early. I’ve started “Many Mansions” by Gina Cerminara and am finding it fascinating. Reincarnation is a very comforting thought to me. I’m not completely sure just why.