Woke about 5:30 – wrote diary – finished packing (not much) and fixed breakfast – just coffee + juice + grapefruit Daddy up + ready by 6:30. We left at 7:10 – Parked the car at the airport + checked in. The flight on time (champagne which we passed on to Dad) served breakfast – all good but the powdered(?) eggs. Got to San Francisco a little after 9. Picked up our car + were off by quarter to 10. Had lunch in Merced where [crossed out words] at the Pine Cone Lodge. Dick’s turkey was rolled, alas. Bought some candy + a map + pressed on. I drove the next lap to Fresno. Got there by quarter to two so I decided to press on to the Sequoia National Park – We went to Kings canyon first after a stop at the chamber of commerce where the lady said to drive carefully because of snow. It was raining but no sign of snow in Fresno. Gassed up + started the climb to over 6,000 feet. Beautiful drive. Dick took over at about 4,000 feet. We stopped at the Snow Line Lodge to inquire about a room but signs said Keep out. Entered King’s Canyon park at about 4 o’clock Huge Redwood at the gate. Immense. Unbelievable Drove around winding roads with towering snowbanks on either side but roads pretty clear. We drove in to see the General Lee tree and the California Tree and Dick manoevored the car in to the General Grant Tree where we got out. The driving at this point a little alarming to say the least. Left Grant Grove + went up to Wilsonia – stayed at the Wilsonia Lodge + lucky, lucky lucky it was there. No sooner checked in to our rooms than the snow began to fall heavier + heavier. We napped + read + then went down the outside stairs to the dining room for dinner at 5:30. Small general store adjacent to dining room. Food pretty poor but no complaints from us. A couple from Ohai had bought the place last June. She seems to be the worker of the pair. Several children – girl of about 16 waited on us. Upstairs to bed at 7 o’clock Wall heaters on Snow falling softly + heavily outside the glass wall of our rooms. Very snug.