Dick off with Jack by 7 – Daddy’s alarm set for 7:15 – I took him coffee at 7:20. Went to let the dogs in when I found Newman with a mouthful of feathers + both dogs chasing a quail who waddled hastily in to the house. I hit the dogs with my comb – (weapon in hand) + slammed the door at which point Daddy yelled for breakfast so left the bird for the moment + then couldn’t find it. Finally did – huddled in a bottom shelf of the library. Not wounded + none too easy to catch. Put it out after letting the dogs in + it scurried away. Went to Breakfast at the Boulevard where once again Daddy won the long distance prize. We sat with relatives of Ann’s [crossed out letters] – a Mr. + Mrs. Huston. He knew Jim from Washington + said “he’s an honest Congressman.” I invited Ann + Eddie for dinner next Thursday. Bought many mansions after listening to Dr. Simonara + bought 2 copies of the Eaton Hughes Book. Went to Hallmark + bought a pile of Valentines + Dad got several cards. Came home – he wrote cards + I called Janet Goldsmith – Jim out of the hospital – Cleaned up a little. We left again about noon with the two dogs trembling in the car. Took them to Pet Town + bought them a chew bone each + left a bedspread with them. They looked a little forlorn. Large dogs on all sides. We had lunch at the Riviera – the usual + played several keno tickets. won a dollar each but played [crossed out letter] 4 games so no big deal. Picked up some wine + some excedrin + were home by 2:30. Napped for an hour. I didn’t feel too hot. took a miltown + several excedrin. I finished reading Daddy’s mss and have a few ideas for it. Mail brought a hundred dollar check from Rae, Whee. I paid some bills – Service, exterminator + Players’ Director and sent $10 to the Epilepsy fund. Dick home at 6:30 + fixed the lobster tails – I had a couple of glasses of wine because I didn’t feel too well + ended up feeling grand – ate 6 lobster tails. Bed pretty early – big day tomorrow. Called Joyce about our mail – she’d heard Dad on the radio.